Hello! And Welcome to my fictional blog, Into Insanity. I am Tatakai, a 7th grader that wants to try out blogging, and has the knack for writing fictional stories and such. This blog will be based around the main story line of something I like to call “Into Insanity” (hence the blog name) but I would like to try and upload some other stories here and there. I don’t really have schedules release dates, and I don’t want to because inspiration is difficult to come by for me.

Into insanity is a story about to characters, David, a man that has locked himself in his basement who is slowly descending into madness, recording his descent in his journals, and Kyle, a man in modern times who is a part of the community dedicated to solving Davids journal entries. The story is broken up into two types of sections, Kyle sections and David Sections. What I want to have happen is that whenever Kyle or a David section comes out, the other sister section is soon to follow.

Now, every once and a while, I will be posting in my “other fiction” page, which really is just a home for other liturature, notice I didn’t say fiction, because every now and again I like to try my hand a poetry, no matter how bad I am at it.

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I am Tatakai, a 7th Grader that likes to blog in his free time. I do it just for fun, and to vent some of my creativity to somewhere, whether it gets read or not. I am a gamer and a technology nerd, and I live with my parents, my brother and a cat. She is part of where the inspiration comes from…

If you have any questions about the blog or have any feedback, see my about page.

Feedback is very, very welcome, and I’d love to hear from more experienced writers.

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If you have a question or two, or something else, such as an idea for a David rant, email me here. I will try to respond.